If we need to compare both products we should take Marauder MkII and MkI with hood, shoulders and long back configuration.

Both products have similar basic design and offer similar performance:

-Lightweight and ergonomic concealment vest.

-Produced with US imported original fabrics and other mil-spec materials.

-Manufactured with industrial sewing machinery.

Since the MkI is a professional oriented product many design features have been improved in order to better withstand prolonged use and offer adaptability to the different scenarios.

MkII is the same product but the manufacturing process has been streamlined. Performance and affordability are the goals of this product. Not necessarily adapting to different combat scenarios.

Some of the enhanced features are:

- Cordura 500D in critical areas and Tensioners on shoulders and back to offer a better body adjustment

- Straps with Velcro

- Tensioner on the hood to control the frontal fall in order to maintain good vision while on prone.

- Reinforced stitched binding

- Versatility offered by its modular concept which allows configuring different concealment garment starting with a very light and portable concealment vest for a recon mission with just shoulders&hood and ending with a whole body ghillie suit for bigger camouflage demanding sniper missions. All of it working with a single concealment gear.

If you are expecting a sporadic use for Hunting, wildlife photography or wargames, MkII will do the work.

If you are looking for a professional tool, MkI is recommended.

Feel free to contact us with any question.

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